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Copenhagen Christmas: A stroll through Nyhavn

Are you from Copenhagen? – is one of the most common questions when I tell people abroad that I’m from Denmark. No, I’m not. I’m from Odense – and I have to admit… Continue reading

Denmark: 3 great parts of Odense that make it worth visiting

For years my hometown of Odense in the heart of Denmark was “just getting by”, but recently the capital of the island of Funen has seen major developments and cultural events roll in… Continue reading

Kerteminde in Denmark: Let’s go for an ice cream

Summer in Denmark does not necessarily mean high temperatures and blue skies, but when the sun shines bright about our little nation – we Danes flock to our beaches and coastal towns to… Continue reading

Go Green: Conquer the Danish “Sky Mountain”

Having travelled a lot in mountainous regions like Scotland, Spain and Switzerland, I like to tell the story of Denmark’s “Sky Mountain” when I talk to other travellers. Its name gives the impression… Continue reading

Aeroe: A ferry-tale in Southern Denmark

There’s something unique about smaller islands. I mean, islands of a size where you can see the coastline from almost anywhere. I’m actually from an island myself – Funen (Fyn in Danish) –… Continue reading

Live from Denmark: Re-discovering my home

I’ve been touching this topic on the blog before, but one cliché I can personally confirm is how you start seeing your hometown and own country in a different light after having been… Continue reading

Photo Feature: Harbour-life on West Funen in Denmark

Coming back to Denmark from time to time I like to get around and see my own country through the eyes of a visitor – not at least when it comes to my… Continue reading

Live from… Denmark: Back home after 5 months

Early Tuesday morning I arrived back in Denmark from London, having spent the night awake at Stansted Airport to catch a 7.20 flight. A sleep deprived zombie. It was a long night indeed… Continue reading

Photo Feature: These 3 coastal towns will make you wanna travel to Denmark

One travel related cliché is that when you travel a lot you will start to see your hometown and own country in a different light. And I find this to be true indeed. Having spent… Continue reading

Odense: Let me introduce you to my hometown – with 4 fabulous facts you might not know

“Are you from Copenhagen?”. That’s usually the first question I get when people realize I’m from Denmark. No, I’m not. I’m from Odense on the island of Funen, in the middle of Denmark.… Continue reading