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Travel Thoughts: Leaving Pembrokeshire

Do you know the feeling you get when you leave a place, but you somehow know you’re gonna be back again soon? That’s how I’ve been feeling the past two years when leaving… Continue reading

12 extraordinary structures around Wales

Wales might be small, but for its size it “hides” a surprisingly large amount of historic structures and ruins – from castles to cathedrals and Victorian piers. Far too many to list them… Continue reading

Live from… Wales: from capital to coastline

From my little window I can currently see and hear how the wind shakes the nearby trees, that are slowly changing from green to shades of red and gold. The sky has been… Continue reading

Go wild in West Wales with Voyages of Discovery

We take our seats in the bright orange boat. We zip up our coats, pull on our life vests and grab the metal bar in front of us. And soon the powerful boat… Continue reading

Live from… Trefin, Wales: Feeling home & hostel life

Thanks for stopping by. Today I’m writing from the office of The Old School Hostel in Trefin. A small village on the Pembrokeshire coast in West Wales. A place that almost feels like… Continue reading

West Wales: Take a trip to temptatious Tenby

Pastel coloured townhouses with hanging flower-baskets, kilometers of beautiful beaches and a tide that leave boats flat on the sandy floor, like rubber-ducks in a drained bathtub. No, this is not your classic… Continue reading

7 amazing dogs I’ve met while travelling

Meeting dogs around the world on your travels can lead to good stories and local experiences. Because if you meet the dog – you meet the owner. Our four legged friends are good… Continue reading

A Dane with a dragon’s heart

  Most Danes don’t know anything about Wales and neither did I first time I stepped out of Cardiff Central Station, an evening back in March 2007. Now, almost nine years later, my heart… Continue reading

Travel Video: Experiencing Pembrokeshire’s Coast

After stringing together a bunch of my short clips from walking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, I have now tried to create my first ever travel video. Bare in mind that I have been using a… Continue reading

5 unique experiences while travelling around the UK

When travelling outside the ordinary touristy frames, it’s possible to get some extraordinary, quirky and memorable experiences. The last three months of touring the UK has given me plenty of these, and here… Continue reading