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Brian Matadero 1

Hi there, I’m Brian. Not Brain, not Braian, and definitely not Brannan, though I have seen all those versions on my receipts from cafés here in Madrid. I guess that’s what they call lost in translation? But I really couldn’t complain. After all I haven’t improved my Spanish nearly enough, despite spending a lot of time in Spain, and my girlfriend is even Spanish.

My excuse is my passion for writing. In my pursuit of a travel writing career I have been so caught up in my writing projects, that I haven’t left much time for socialising nor language practice, other than ordering an endless stream of ‘cafes con leche’. Before I started writing, I never even used to drink coffeebut the combination of both cozy cafés and caffeine goes so well with writing.Me - Avila

I never used to be a travel writer either, before my life changed tracks almost five years ago. A change that saw me moving from Denmark to Wales, meeting my Spanish girlfriend, moving back to Denmark and eventually to Spain. Since I have been touring the UK a couple of times, but am now back in Spain to stay... until my next trip. Let’s see what’s next…

Before getting “Travelooney” I did many other things. I designed logos, I took care of kids and I sold fancy furniture. Only to find out I wanted something else. To travel and to write.

Travel writing can be a lonely job, but the reward is knowing that someone on the other end feels entertained for a while, or even better – inspired to travel. No matter if it’s for a quick European getaway or to live abroad.

That someone could be you. Yes, you!

Having lived in Scandinavia, in the UK and in Southern Europe, has broadened my perspective on this continent. And a long list of roadtrips, Interrail adventures and citybreaks through the years, have only given me taste for more.

I hope you’ll enjoy my travel tips and travel tales.
And feel free to drop me a line of feedback or a tip of your own.

Be Travelooney!



Facts about me:
Full name:
Brian Schæfer Dreyer
Odense, Denmark
Current home: 
Madrid, Spain
Freelance travel writer (or trying)

My most memorable travel experiences in Europe include:

– 5 months travelling around the UK, volunteering in Wales, England and Scotland
– Living in the Welsh capital Cardiff for periods during 2007, 2012 and 2013
– Living in Madrid in periods through 2014, 2015 and 2016
– Touring most of Switzerland by train
– Having done 3 Interrail trips
– Having tried a Mediterranean cruise
– 13 visits to Paris
– Endless camping and road-trips around Europe