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Hi there, I’m Brian. A self-made Freelance Travel Journalist from Denmark who’s passionate about sharing my travel inspiration with others – as well as I love to be inspired by fellow travellers. There is always something new to discover, even in cities and countries I have been visiting several times – or in places I have lived.

Me - AvilaSince 2007 I have lived abroad in Europe for several periods of my life which has given me new insight into places and new approaches on travelling locally. On top of that, having lived in both Wales, England and Spain has given me tons of travel tips to these countries.

I completely changed tracks to become a travel writer back in 2012. And before getting “Travelooney”, I worked in several other fields, like designing logos, taking care of kids and selling fancy furniture and sports equipment. All this only to find out that I wanted to do something different: To travel and to write.

Travel writing can be a lonely job, but the reward is knowing that someone on the other end feels entertained for a while, or even better – inspired to travel. No matter if it’s for a quick European getaway or to live abroad.

That someone could be you. Yes, you!

Through my “different lives” in Scandinavia, the UK and Southern Europe my perspective on this continent has been broadened, and a long list of road trips, Interrail adventures and city breaks has only given me a taste for more.

I hope you’ll enjoy my travel tips and travel tales.
And feel free to drop me a line of feedback or a tip of your own.

Be Travelooney!



Facts about me
Full name:
Brian Schæfer Dreyer
Odense, Denmark
Based in: Madrid, Spain
Occupation: Freelance travel Journalist

Some of my most important travel experiences in Europe include:

– 5 months travelling around the UK, volunteering in Wales, England and Scotland
– Lived in the Welsh capital Cardiff for periods during 2007, 2012 and 2013
– Having spent 6 months in a tiny coastal village in West Wales from 2015-2018
– Lived in the English city of Bath for a couple of months in 2017
– Living in Madrid in different periods from 2014 – present
– Touring most of Switzerland by train
– Having done 3 Interrail trips around Europe
– 13 visits to Paris
– Endless camping and road-trips around Europe
– A large number of press trips as a freelance journalist